2022 Alabama Wild Mustang TIP Challenge

Southern Cross Ranch, Columbia ALABAMA
Event Dates: April 22-23, 2022
Judges: Marsha Sapp and Lynn Newton


Pikeville, TN January 29, 2022
Bell, FL, January 21st, 2022
Can pick up and compete with 2 mustangs.  

(Awards/Prizes announced after pick up based on number of adopters competing)
Youth (8-17) - Yearlings only.
Adult (18+)

Awards and Buckles

$200 and Buckle




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2022 Alabama Wild Mustang TIP Challenge

Awards and Payouts Details


With 11 competitors (7 adults, 2 youth), we have $4,400 available for Awards and Payouts plus $200 for each competitor who shows their mustang.


All competitors will receive sponsored gift bags by Jeffers Equine and Espana Silk Grooming Products.

Buckles will be awarded to the Overall High Point/Grand Champion, the Adult High Point Champion, the Youth high Point Champion and the Fan Favorite.

Sashes will be awarded to the Adult Champion and Reserve Champion, to the Youth Champion and Reserve Champion, to the Overall High Point/Grand Champion and to the Overall High Point/Grand Reserve Champion and to the Fan Favorite.

Ribbons will be awarded for all classes for places 1-6.

Rosette's will be awarded to the High Point Adults placing 3-7 and to the High Point Overall competitors placing 3-9.


PAYOUTS and Awards

$200 to each competitor who shows their mustang.

Overall High Point Grand Champion $1000 and sponsored Espana Silk Grooming Products

Reserve High Point Champion $500

Adult Champion $300 and sponsored Espana Silk Grooming Products

Adult Reserve Champion $200

Youth Champion $300 and sponsored Espana Silk Grooming Products

Youth Reserve Champion $200

Stall Decoration winner (themed "TIP Challenge Journey") $200

Best Improved Condition $200

Fan Favorite $200


Also remember that you can enter the Mustang and Burro Open Show (same days as TIP Challenge) and for a chance to win another $200 and a buckle per each division.

PHASE 1 - Starting November 24th, 2021 COMPETITORS APPLICATIONS are accepted. All interested competitors must submit all of these:

  1. The Competitor's Interest E-Form 

  2. The Competitor's Application; either scan or take a photo with your cell phone, put "competitors name and AL TIP Challenge" in the subject line and email it to mirkacrew@gmail.com 

  3. All 3 of the BLM forms provided here. Email the filled out BLM forms to both mirkacrew@gmail.com as well as sfrost@blm.gov

FACILITY REQUIREMENTS: Facility can consist of a corral/paddock/stall/round pen. Facility must be a minimum of 400 square feet (for example 20 feet x 20 feet or 10 feet x 40 feet) and at least 5 feet high for mustangs 12-24 months old and burros, or at least 6 feet high for mustangs over 24 months old. Facility must be sturdy and constructed of materials such as poles, pipes, or planks (minimum 1.5 inch thickness) without dangerous protrusions. Barbed wire, large-mesh woven, stranded and electric materials are unacceptable for fencing. Trainers should not release animals into a large open area, such as a pasture, since they may not be able to recapture the animal for training or to provide veterinary care. However, once the animal is gentled, trainers may release it into a pasture or similar area. Shelter for the animal must be provided from inclement weather and temperature extremes. Shelters must be a two sided structure with a roof, well drained, adequately ventilated, and accessible to the animal. The two sides should block prevailing winds and protect the major body parts of the animal. Tarps are not acceptable. Contact the
administering BLM office for shelter requirements in the area.



SELCETION PROCESS - from photos posted on Facebook the day before pick up, in order in which the applications came in. 




January 29, 2021 at Pikeville, TN (Rebecca Bowman's Storefront) exact time TBD

Rebecca Bowman is:

Bowman Storefront

2129 Watson Loop

Pikeville, TN  37367


January 21, 2022 Bell, FL exact time TBD. 

Downtown Mustangs

Ashley Rose's

1246NW 40th Ave


TRAILER REQUIREMENTS: You must provide transportation for your Mustang/burro. While someone else may transport the animal, all trailers must meet these minimum standards: covered top, sturdy walls/floors, and a smooth interior free from any sharp protrusions; ample head room; removable partitions or compartments to separate animals by size and sex, if necessary; floor covered with a non-skid material; and, adequate ventilation. The BLM requires stock-type trailers with rear swing gates to transport adopted animals. Drop ramp, divided two-horse trailers, and trucks with stock racks are not acceptable.

PHASE 4 - Mustang Gentling process from January 21 or 29, 2022 - till the competition dates - April 22-23, 2022.
CARE:   The competitor is responsible for all care since the day of PICK UP. Including, but not limited to - providing a suitable, BLM approved facility/fencing/shelter, feed, hay, water, farrier and vet care, etc... at the the competitor's expense. 

PROGRESS REPORTS: Progress reports will be due on February 1st, March 1st, April 1st either email them to mirkacre@gmail.com or post them within the Alabama Wild Mustang TIP Challenges Facebook group. Progress reports MUST BE submitted on or before the date they are due!!! There will be 2 contests for the most physically IMPROVED CONDITION, as well as the BEST decorated stall, with a THEME of "TIP Challenge Journey", with $200 to each winner.

GENTLING/TRAINING: Only gentle horsemanship methods are allowed. No harsh training methods will be tolerated! Please read the RULES AND REGULATIONS bellow, to familiarize yourself with the DOs and DON'T! If the competitor has any questions or runs into problems during this process, she or he is advised to contact the Show Manager Mirka Crew to discuss those - text to schedule a phone call 334-550-8750. 


PHASE 5 - COMPETITION - the 2022 Alabama Wild Mustang TIP Challenge will take place April 22-23, 2022 at the Southern Cross Ranch, 6065 County Road 55, Columbia, AL 36319.
All TIP Challenge competitors entry fees are FREE. There will be no charge for stalls and shavings will be provided. There will be a charge for RV hook ups if used ($30/night el.+water, $50/night el.+water+sewer), are based on availability and must be RSVP. 

PRIZES: A total of $_____     TBD -  depending on the number of applicants who pick up their mustangs for this competition. Meaning, if all 55 applicants pick up their mustangs, the total Prizes and Awards will be worth $33,000!!!
A total of 4x Custom Silver Buckles will be awarded - one for the Adult Champion, one for the Youth Champion, one to the Overall High Point Champion and one to the Fan Favorite (based on submitted ballots). 

All adopters competing in the event will receive $200 to help offset expenses related to horse/burro care and travel.


How many competitors applications will be accepted?  - 55 maximum. Get your application in early to secure your spot in the TIP Challenge! 

Will Youth compete with Adults? - NO. Youth and Adults will have their own classes, will be judged separately and awarded separately. There will however be an Overall High Point Champion Award. 

Is there an age limit? - Yes. All competitors must be 8 years and older.

Can an adult competitor compete with a Yearling? YES, but Youth selects their yearlings first and adults may compete with a yearling only if there is one available. 

Can a Youth competitor compete with a 3+ years old mustang? - NO. Youth must compete with a Yearling.

Will there be an adoption auction at the end of the TIP Challenge? - NO

Will there be Sales Authority mustangs for this competition? - Possibly, but it's not guaranteed. 

How will the selection process work? -SELECTION PROCESS - From photos posted within the Alabama Wild Mustang TIP Challenge Facebook group the day before pick up. 

Where will this competition take place? - At the Southern Cross Ranch, 6065 County Road 55, Columbia, AL

Where can I find the show schedule?  - It will be announced within 14 days of the event. 

Will there be a Mustang Open Show along this TIP Challenge? - Yes. Visit this page for more information: https://www.southerncrossranch.net/al-mustang-open-show

What accommodations are there available? - The Southern Cross Ranch has 60 RV hook ups available for $30/night ($50/night with sewer). There is a large selection of hotels within a 20-minute drive in Dothan, AL. 

How far are the restaurants? - 10 minute drive to Headland, AL or a 20 minute drive to Dothan, AL

I have another question about the TIP Challenge, whom should I contact? - The event manager, Mirka Crew, mirkacrew@gmail.com

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