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2019 Boarding Choices

Self Care

Full Pasture Care


Full Stall Care

  • We provide  a 1 horse pasture or a dry paddock or a stall & paddock. 
  • You provide the rest (hay, feed, feeding and care).
  • If you can't make it out, just let us know and we will cover it for you for a small fee. 
  • You get access to all our facilities, including the indoor arena (as long as there are no events scheduled).
  • We provide a grass pasture or dry paddock, high quality feed, feeding every day of the year 1x  or 2x per day.
  • You do the rest (hay - can be purchased from us,blanketing, fly spray).
  • Our Choices of Feed:  Healthy Edge Strategy, Pro Force Senior, FRM Pros Choice
  • We provide hay 2x day, high quality feed, feeding 2x day, daily turn out (weather permitting).
  • Our Choices of Feed: Healthy Edge Strategy, Pro Force Senior, FRM Pros Choice
Additional Services Available Extra Upon Request (an additional fee applies if not included in boarding price):
1. Blanketing  (bellow 50F - sheets, bellow 40 F - blanket) 
2. Bringing your horse up for farrier, vet  or dentist 
3. Simple Doctoring (leg wrapping, bandage changing, soaking feet, fly spray, etc...
4. Short Term Stall Board (horse gets sick or injured) 
5. Exercise - 3x/week in the round pen
6. Training - 5 days a week by a professional trainer on site (when opening is available)

All Boarders get Access to:

Covered Arena
Fenced Outdoor Arena
Seating Area
with a view of the ranch
Ridable Perimeter
Wash Racks
Open Arena
Open Outdoor Arena
Dry Tack Room
Miles of Trail
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Boarders can also participate in many Equestrian events (shows, clinics) hosted by Southern Cross Ranch during the year, without having to haul anywhere. 

6065 County Road 55, Headland, Alabama 36319

Covered Arena