JANUARY 29-31, 2021

This TIP Challenge is a cooperative effort between the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s Trainer Incentive Program, the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Program , the event's host Southern Cross Ranch and the event's manager Mirka Crew.


The mission of the Mustang Heritage Foundation is to increase the adoption of BLM-housed American Mustangs and burros through innovative gentling (training) competitions and awareness programs. In keeping with this mission, the TIP Challenge has been created to place mustangs and burros in adoptive homes. These challenges involve youth (8-17 years of age) and adults (ages 18 and up) in the adoption and training of Mustangs and burros. Participants help promote the adoption of these national treasures by showcasing the animal’s value and trainability.

PHASE 1 - Starting October 17th, 2020 COMPETITORS APPLICATIONS are accepted. Interested competitors will fill out the Competitors Application bellow and either scan (or take a photo with your cell phone)/email it to or mail it to 6065 County Road 55, Columbia, AL 36319

PHASE 2 - Starting October 19th, 2020 Competitors' ADOPTION APPLICATIONS  Interested competitors will fill out the Competitors Adoption Application (see document bellow) and MUST BE emailed to BOTH, as well as 

FACILITY REQUIREMENTS: Facility can consist of a corral/paddock/stall/round pen. Facility must be a minimum of 400 square feet (for example 20 feet x 20 feet or 10 feet x 40 feet) and at least 5 feet high for mustangs 12-24 months old and burros, or at least 6 feet high for mustangs over 24 months old. Facility must be sturdy and constructed of materials such as poles, pipes, or planks (minimum 1.5 inch thickness) without dangerous protrusions. Barbed wire, large-mesh woven, stranded and electric materials are unacceptable for fencing. Trainers should not release animals into a large open area, such as a pasture, since they may not be able to recapture the animal for training or to provide veterinary care. However, once the animal is gentled, trainers may release it into a pasture or similar area. Shelter for the animal must be provided from inclement weather and temperature extremes. Shelters must be a two sided structure with a roof, well drained, adequately ventilated, and accessible to the animal. The two sides should block prevailing winds and protect the major body parts of the animal. Tarps are not acceptable. Contact the
administering BLM office for shelter requirements in the area.

PHASE 3 - APPLICATIONS DEADLINE - NOVEMBER 1st, 2020!!! Get your applications in by then!!!!

PHASE 4 - Mustang (and Burro if any) SELECTION PROCESS and PICK UP - NOVEMBER 5-7th, 2020.  

SELECTION PROCESS - You must be available to receive photos via a FB Messenger or a Cell Phone message and reply with your selection within 5 minutes of receiving the photos on November 5th. 

PICK UP - November 6th noon-4p.m. and November 6th - 8:00 a.m. - NOON. NO SOONER and NO LATER!!!! 


TRAILER REQUIREMENTS: You must provide transportation for your Mustang/burro. While someone else may transport the animal, all trailers must meet these minimum standards: covered top, sturdy walls/floors, and a smooth interior free from any sharp protrusions; ample head room; removable partitions or compartments to separate animals by size and sex, if necessary; floor covered with a non-skid material; and, adequate ventilation. The BLM requires stock-type trailers with rear swing gates to transport adopted animals. Drop ramp, divided two-horse trailers, and trucks with stock racks are not acceptable.

East Milton Park/June Ates Arena

8604 Bobby Brown Road
Milton, FL 32583

PHASE 5 - Mustang/Burro Gentling process from November 6/7th - till the competition dates - January 29-31, 2020;


CARE:   The competitor is responsible for all care since the day of PICK UP. Including, but not limited to - providing a suitable, BLM approved facility/fencing/shelter, feed, hay, water, farrier and vet care, etc... at the the competitor's expense. 

PROGRESS REPORTS: Progress reports will be due on November 15th, December 15th, January 15th. Progress reports MUST BE submitted on or before the date they are due!!! There will be 2 contests for the most physically IMPROVED CONDITION, as well as the BEST decorated stall, with a THEME of "TIP Challenge Journey", with $200 to each winner.

GENTLING/TRAINING: Only gentle horsemanship methods are allowed. No harsh training methods will be tolerated! Please read the RULES AND REGULATIONS bellow, to familiarize yourself with the DOs and DON'T! If the competitor has any questions or runs into problems during this process, she or he is advised to contact the Show Manager Mirka Crew to discuss those - Call 334-550-8750. 

PHASE 6 - COMPETITION - the 20210Alabama Mustang TIP Challenge will take place January 29-31st, 2021 at the Southern Cross Ranch, 6065 County Road 55, Columbia, AL 36319.


All competitors entry fees are FREE. There will be no charge for stalls and shavings will be provided. No outside shavings are allowed! There will be a charge for RV hook ups if used ($30/night). 

PRIZES: A total of $4,800 will be awarded in Prizes and Cash Awards. 

 A total of 4x Molly's Buckle Custom Silver Buckles will be awarded to the Mustang Champion, Mustang Reserve Champion, Burro Champion and Burro Reserve Champion. 

All adopters competing in the event will receive $200 to help offset expenses related to horse/burro care and travel


How many competitors applications will be accepted?  - 30. Get your application in early to secure your spot in the TIP Challenge! We are approved for 10x 3+year olds, 10 Yearlings and 6 burros. If we are unable to get the 6 burros delivered, we will have 15x 3+ year olds and 15 yearlings available. 


When and where do applicants pick up their assigned mustangs? - November 6&7, 2020 in Milton Florida at the Santa Rosa County Arena:

East Milton Park/June Ates Arena

8604 Bobby Brown Road
Milton, FL 32583

Will Youth compete with Adults? - YES. Youth and Adults will be competing in the same classes. 

Is there an age limit? - Yes. All competitors must be 8 years and older.

Can an adult competitor compete with a Yearling? YES

Can a Youth competitor compete with a 3+ years old mustang? - NO. Youth must compete with a Yearling.

Will the burros compete with the mustangs in the same class? - NO. The burros will have their own classes/competition separately. 

Will there be an adoption auction at the end of the TIP Challenge? - NO

Will there be Sales Authority mustangs for this competition? - Possibly, but it's not guaranteed. 

How will the selection process work? - The mustangs will be selected by each competitor from photos provided on Thursday November 6th. The order of selection will be based on the order in which the competitors applications come in and get approved (a FULL application must be completed) by show management. 

Where will this competition take place? - At the Southern Cross Ranch, 6065 County Road 55, Columbia, AL

Where can I find the show schedule?  - It will be announced within 30 days of the event. 

Will there be a Mustang Open Show along this TIP Challenge? - NO

What accommodations are there available? - The Southern Cross Ranch has 60 RV hook ups available for $20/night. There is a large selection of hotels within a 20-minute drive in Dothan, AL. 

How far are the restaurants? - 10 minute drive to Headland, AL or a 20 minute drive to Dothan, AL

I have a question about the TIP Challenge, whom should I contact? - The event manager, Mirka Crew, 334-550-8750 or email

Where do I mail the TIP Challenge application? - 6065 County Road 55, Columbia, AL 36319

6065 County Road 55, Headland, Alabama 36319