WOHA 2020-2021 SHOW DATES:

December 19 at 9: 00 a.m. - Judge Dorothy Day 

January 2 at 9:00 a.m. - Judge Marita Turnage

February 27 at 9:00 a.m. - Judge Vickie Beeman

CONGRATULATIONS to all 2019-2020 SCR High Point Winners:
Halter - Ginger Spivey - Dudes Jetta Gold
Western - Vanessa Simmons - Misty Invest Leaguer
Ranch - John Shehee - Shifty's Illusion
English - Vanessa Simmons - Misty Invest Leaguer
Gaited - Georgia Lynn Lowe - Spirit - Lynn
Speed - Chelsea Cathrall - Koba 
Novice Overall - Anna Kate Foster - Ima Country Boy Too
Youth Overall - Vanessa Simmons - Misty Invest Leaguer
All participants, we thank you! We appreciate you all. See you next season. 
WOHA Show Sign Up Using the E-Forms bellow:
1. Have a screen shot/image of your horse's negative coggins available on your smart phone if you wish to upload them to the form, or an image/file of it on your computer. You can upload your coggins to the form or bring them to the check in at the show office the day of the show. The coggins upload to the form is optional, but you must provide a copy at the show, if a copy is not uploaded to the form. 
2. Fill All the required fields marked with a *. Fill out all other fields applicable as well. 
3. If you are signing up by Friday at noon the day prior to the show, you are eligible for the $10 discount (deduct it from your total).
4. Upload the image/file of your horse's negative coggins. If you press submit and it does not go through, your image/file might not have had enough time to upload, wait a minute and try the Submit button again. 
5. Sometimes, the form will ask you to proof that you are not a robot after you press Submit. If you are on your smart phone, scroll up and you will see squares and instructions. 
6. If you have any other issues, please try submitting a new form, or contact us for support (text 334-55-8750). Typically, there are no issues. Issues may also be related to your internet service signal being weak where you are at when trying to submit the form. 
7. You will still need to come to the office prior to showing to fill out the Liability Release Form, get your back number (if you don't have one already) and to pay or leave a TAB (open and signed check). YES, you can make changes to your entry after you submit this form, during your office visit or by using the "Update Your Entry Form" below.
8. At the show, we accept cash (please have change if possible), checks (made to Equine Foundations) and Paypal (send it to mirkacrew@gmail.com).
9. If you need to add or scratch a class(es), or scratch all classes, please use the Update Entry Form below. 
We hope that this will make the WOHA show sign up process easier for you
Thank you all for submitting your E-form early!
We hope to see you soon.
Have fun!!!
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